Alright, I don’t normally do this, but I really, really need help.
See this sweet little pup? I found her out on the streets in Modesto, California, at the corner of Tokay and Sunrise, and I know— I know not many of my followers may live there, but this could still help if you just.. I don’t know, shared it, talked about it, spread the word, to help find it’s home. I know it must belong to someone, and they may be very worried, and many of us know the fear and anxiety of losing a loved one, so please, help in any way you can..!
I have to take it to a shelter tomorrow at 3:00pm Pacific Time, and it’s just so sweet and well-trained (it knows how to sit, lie down, and sit up, so it was trained well) and friendly and kind that I know it had to have belonged to someone, and I’ve posted this on Facebook yesterday as well and am waiting for any kind of response, but if the worse happens, this little dog needs a home! So tell as many as you can, if you want a dog, contact me and I will be personally willing to drive down and take it to you if the distance isn’t too far, but- Please, please help out, she couldn’t hurt a fly and she’s as playful as the dickens.
Please, help her out however you can, even if it’s just by clicking reblog, anything will help.